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The QRL’s Central Division is proud to announce a new charity and service partnership with ALIVE.  

The community-driven organisation is committed to innovative solutions and services to end youth suicide and deliver sustainable wellbeing and resilience initiatives throughout Australia.

The Division has partnered with ALIVE this season and will assist the Wellbeing and Education team with crisis support to the grassroots level of the game.

The ongoing partnership will also help young players and the community foster more resilience and mental wellbeing across the board.

Throughout the 2017 season, ALIVE CEO Tamsyn Rosenberg and QRL Wellbeing and Education Manager Trish Drummond toured areas of the Division including Warwick and District clubs, schools and services throughout these areas, delivering these skills workshops to students and community.  

The initial program rollout has been impressive and the engagement of clubs and players has been excellent.

The content delivered in these workshops are so relevant to every player in their game and their lives. 

The ALIVE program delivery is unique; using Brazilian jiu-jitsu and tackling workshops to deliver the wellbeing and mindset tools.

This method is a great approach for peaking players and students’ interest.

The support is then offered community-wide in the form of parenting and community support programs and professional development with all those working with young people. 

In 2018, Central Division will be dedicating charity rounds and fundraising initiatives to help directly fund ALIVE programs and emotional wellbeing support as required for our rugby league communities in the upcoming seasons.

Local businesses and the community will also be given the opportunity to sponsor and participate in fundraising for ongoing support for rugby league programs in the area and ALIVE kits, suicide prevention packs for teens will also be placed at each participating club.  

During this year’s season, ALIVE was supported by the Warwick and District Junior Rugby League, Goondiwindi Bears and local businesses, funding 21 programs and workshops to be delivered in the region in May next year. 

This will help ALIVE to support more than 8000 young people and services in a few short weeks. 

To find out how you can register or get involved and stand with ALIVE in their commitment to resolve the number one cause of death in young Australians, contact ALIVE at or via Facebook.