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Central Junior Carnival Day 1 Results

A very successful Day 1 of this year's QRL Central Junior Carnival was played at Bulldog Park, Chinchilla yesterday with many standout performances making the job hard for the Central Crows selectors.

Heading into Day 2, most fixtures today will determine who will be crowned regional champions in each age division.

In the Under 13 Boys Phil Shield Shield, the South West Mustangs only have to win one half of their match against the Wide Bay Bulls. If the Bulls can upset the Mustangs and take all six points on offer, all eyes will be on the Falcons v Capras matchup to determine this year's winner.

Today's Under 14 Boys game between Central Queensland and Sunshine Coast will determine the winner of the Rex Zeeman Shield. For the Falcons to claim carnival victory, they must upset the Capras and take all six points on offer in this match.

In the Under 16 Boys Darren Lockyer Shield, the Falcons have dominated and should only need to win one half against the Capras. If an upset was to occur, the Mustangs are also in the hunt, but must defeat the Wide Bay Bulls comprehensively to win on a for and against countback.

The Central Queensland Capras and Sunshine Coast Falcons will clash in the Under 14 Girls to determine who lifts the Sandra Currie Shield. The Capras are ahead by two points but the Falcons have a superior for and against, so a win is needed for CQ to claim the title.

In the Under 16 Girls Stephanie Hancock Shield, South West and Wide Bay will play off for the top honours in their matchup today. It's going to be a tough clash for the Bulls with the Mustangs hoping to secure the silverware on 'home soil'.


After an exciting day of play in Chinchilla, QRL Central Region Manager Glenn Ottaway looks ahead to tomorrow's final day of the Central Junior Carnival.

Posted by Central Rugby League on Saturday, 9 June 2018

Below are yesterday's results, the current ladders and today's draw.


SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS 26 (Rhys Lucht 2, Harry Eyers 2, Bailey Nash tries; William Herbert 2, Jackson Fo'ou goals) defeated CENTRAL QUEENSLAND CAPRAS 10 (Tama Hodgson, Tyler Peckham-Harris tries; Tariq Tanner goal)

WIDE BAY BULLS 24 (Ayden Butler, Dylan Beer, Cayleb Johnson, Robert Borsbroom tries; Joel Fewquandie 4 goals) defeated SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 12 (Jayden Smith, Giago Giuffrida-Munhoz tries; Finn Lawson 2 goals)

SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS 54 (Luke Cesari 3, Lyhkan King-Togia 2, Rhys Lucht, Bailey Nash, Jackson Fo'ou, Jed Zerk, Bud Smith tries; William Herbert 6, Jackson Fo'ou goals) defeated SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 6 (Jayden Alefaio try; William Beasley goal)

CENTRAL QUEENSLAND CAPRAS 16 (Tyler Peckham-Harris 2, Trevor King tries; Tama Hodgson 2 goals) defeated WIDE BAY BULLS 0


CENTRAL QUEENSLAND CAPRAS 26 (Liam Nebauer 2, Owen Pattie, Kelly Shadlow, Jaiden Green tries; Carter Wight 3 goals) defeated SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS 14 (Joshua Truscott, Matthew York, Kooper Diment tries; Riley Wockner goal)

SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 24 (Brayth Ralph, Noah Taru, Aidan McIttrick, Mitchell Jennings tries; Jordy Wilson 2, Harry Dwyer 2 goals) defeated WIDE BAY BULLS 6 (Lane Crossley-Price try; Sunny Beatson goal)

CENTRAL QUEENSLAND CAPRAS 30 (Luke Callanan, Liam Nebauer, Carter Wight, Owen Pattie, Angus Gabriel, Jesuah Wini tries; Carter Wight 3 goals) defeated WIDE BAY BULLS 4 (Steven Walsh try)

SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS 16 (Trae Bennetto 2, Joshua Truscott tries; Riley Wockner, Trae Benetto goals) defeated SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 10 (Aidan McKittrick, Sam Dominiak tries; Harry Dwyer goal)


CENTRAL QUEENSLAND CAPRAS 44 (Shauna Bailey 3, Lillian Yarrow 3, Alenna Whipp 3 tries; Delaney Claridge 3, Prue Peters goals) defeated SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS 0

SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 18 (Charlotte Blackwood, Jayde Herdegen, Grace Giampino tries; Kirra Smith 2, Grace Giampino goals) defeated WIDE BAY BULLS 6 (Hannah Mountford try; Taylor Fitzgerald goal)

CENTRAL QUEENSLAND CAPRAS 24 (Sophie Davison, Chloe Tipman, Alenna Whipp, Savannah McCann, Annazarrah Ross-Kelly tries; Delaney Claridge 2 goals) defeated WIDE BAY BULLS 8 (Mackenzie Cavanagh, Jarrah Cave tries)

SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 60 (Emily Gallagher-Kortbawi 3, Grace Giampino 2, Tia McLellan, Jayde Herdegen, Jayde Hogan, Savvanah Manson, Jaydah Tofae, Bianca Dioth tries; Grace Giampino 3, Kirra Smith 3, Shannyn Harm goals) defeated SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS 4 (Aleesha Hartley try)


SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 18 (Brendan Siebuhr, Selwyn Cobbo, Jayden Taufa tries; Selwyn Cobbo 3 goals) defeated WIDE BAY BULLS 14 (Joshua Maroney, Mitchell Sands tries; Zac Laybutt 3 goals)

SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS 38 (Max Brady 3, Ben Moore, Connor Clement, Jack Pike, Harrison Hartwig tries; Joshua Chappell 4, David Woodbridge goals) defeated CENTRAL QUEENSLAND CAPRAS 0

CENTRAL QUEENSLAND CAPRAS 28 (Travis Wright, Tristan Butcher, Jake Gehrman, Kolby Green, Jack Grant, Tristan Barron tries; Dominic Dorante, Jake Gehrman goals) defeated WIDE BAY BULLS (Jake Keating, Lachlan Santana tries; Zac Laybutt 2 goals)

SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 32 (Brendan Siebuhr, Flynn Martin, Ben Buggy, Jake Zammit, Jyrome Topai-Aveai, Ethan Green tries; Selwyn Cobbo 4 goals) defeated SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS 22 (Watjerra Briggs, Patrick McGinn, Max Brady, Jack Pike tries; Joshua Chappell 3 goals)


SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS 44 (Abelee Stanley 2, Tahnee Gilikson, Georgia Voll, Katelyn Anderson, Antonia Roma, Isabella Williams-Widgell tries; Georgia Voll 5, Tahnee Gilikson goals) defeated CENTRAL QUEENSLAND CAPRAS 4 (Haylea Lonergan try)

SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 14 (Mariesha Orr, Ellie Wiliamson, Tarnee Evans tries; Paris Knight goal) defeated WIDE BAY BULLS 10 (Abina Page, Kaylynn Saltner tries; Heather Sandow goal)

SOUTH WEST MUSTANGS 20 (Kylie Janes, Georgia Voll, Abigail Budden, Isabella Williams-Widgell tries; Georgia Voll 2 goals) defeated SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 14 (Ella-Leigh Jannasch, Ashanti Hands, Tamzin Taumafai tries; Ellie Williamson goal)

WIDE BAY BULLS 34 (Skye Girard 3, Maddison Carstairs 2, Jamia Hopkins Leumeah Theuerkauf-Smith tries; Traevonnah Fisher 3 goals) defeated CENTRAL QUEENSLAND CAPRAS 0



1 South West 2 0 +74 12
2 Central Queensland 1 1 +0  6
3 Wide Bay 1 0  +2  4
4 Sunshine Coast  0 2 -66 2


1 Central Queensland 2 0 +38 11
2 Sunshine Coast 1 1 +10  8
3 South West 1 1  -6 5
4 Wide Bay 0 2 -42  0


1 Central Queensland 2 0 +60 12
2 Sunshine Coast 2 0 +68 10 
3 Wide Bay 0  2 -28  2
4 South West 0  2 -100  0


1 Sunshine Coast 2 0 +14 10
2 South West 1 1 +28  6
3 Wide Bay 0 2 -20  4
4 Central Queensland 1 -22  4


1 South West 2 0 +44 10
2 Wide Bay 1 1  -4 8
3 Sunshine Coast 1 1 -2  6
4 Central Queensland 0 2 -40 0

*6 points are available per game:
2pts for each half won
1pt for each half drawn
0pts for each half lost
2pts for winning the match


9am Under 14B Mustangs v Bulls Under 13B Falcons v Capras
10am Under 13B Mustangs v Bulls Under 14B Falcons v Capras
11am Under 14G Mustangs v Bulls Under 16G Falcons v Capras
12pm Under 16G Mustangs v Bulls Under 16B  Falcons v Capras
1pm Under 16B Mustangs v Bulls Under 14G Falcons v Capras
2pm Announcement of Central Crows Teams    

To follow all the action via live scoring, click here.

To watch the live stream of the carnival (Field 1), visit the Central Rugby League Facebook page.