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Hastings Deering Colts player of the year: full tally

It was an outstanding year in the Hastings Deering Colts with plenty of talent shining each round.

Pride forward Tom McGrath claimed the honours as the player of the year; finishing two points clear of Burleigh Bears star Jayden Campbell, who twice claimed ‘What a weapon’ status.

'What a weapon!' - Tom McGrath

The full total points, the player name and their team are listed below:

28 McGRATH Tom, Northern Pride

26 CAMPBELL Jayden, Burleigh Bears

24 BARRETT Nathan, Townsville Blackhawks

24 SMOOTHY Tyson, Sunshine Coast Falcons

23 WHITE Brendan, Mackay Cutters

22 GARDINER Shannon, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

19 COOK Adam, Townsville Blackhawks

16 NEWBOULD, Jayden Redcliffe Dolphins

15 NGATUERE-WROE Dray, Easts Tigers

15 WILLIAMS Josh, Ipswich Jets

14 BERG Beau, Northern Pride

14 TURNBULL Travis, CQ Capras

What a weapon!' - Travis Turnbull

13 SCOTT Blake, Souths Logan Magpies

11 BURNS Rayden, Mackay Cutters

11 HOFFMAN Reece, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

11 McGUIRE Zak, Norths Devils

11 WRIGHT Jack, Sunshine Coast Falcons

10 JENNINGS Austin, Western Mustangs

9 IRELANDES Tom, Mackay Cutters

9 MARSHALL Ty-James, Ipswich Jets

9 PATTIE Jack, CQ Capras

9 ROBINSON Tahne, Tweed Seagulls

9 SIMPKIN Jake, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

9 TO'O  Jaylan, Tweed Seagulls

8 MAIDEN Luke, Burleigh Bears

7 BAYLISS Logan, Mackay Cutters

7 FAATAAPE Solomona, Easts Tigers

7 JOCUMSEN Laurie, Western Mustangs

7 LAUENSTEIN Walter, Mackay Cutters

7 LOIERO Trent, Sunshine Coast Falcons

7 MOORE Blake, CQ Capras

7 MURRAY Connor, Norths Devils

7 TEEVAN Zac, Easts Tigers

What a weapon!' - Jayden Campbell

6 EVANS William, Burleigh Bears

6 FULLER Shallin, Burleigh Bears

6 GILMOUR Joseph, Easts Tigers

6 O'DONNELL Kai, Burleigh Bears

6 QUINLIN David, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

5 ASI Daejarn, Townsville Blackhawks

5 BEVAN Simon, Northern Pride

5 BOYD Tanah, Souths Logan Magpies

5 CHAFFEY Brodie, Townsville Blackhawks

5 CHANKAY Mateus, Sunshine Coast Falcons

5 CULLEN Blake, Western Mustangs

5 DEMPSEY Curtis, Townsville Blackhawks

5 HENNESSEY Cooper, Tweed Seagulls

5 HUGHES Joel, Easts Tigers

5 JAMES Joshua, Norths Devils

5 JENNINGS Jesse, Redcliffe Dolphins

5 McCARRON Owen, Norths Devils

5 McLAUGHLIN John, Sunshine Coast Falcons

5 MUNDINE Kieren, Easts Tigers

5 NELIMAN Benji, Western Mustangs

5 SMITH Garrett, Mackay Cutters

4 ALTHAUS Jack , Townsville Blackhawks

4 BUSBY James, CQ Capras

4 CAHILL Will, Redcliffe Dolphins

4 CAMPBELL Blake, Tweed Seagulls

4 CHARLIE Joshtel, Northern Pride

4 DOWNING-BROWN Edward, Souths Logan Magpies

4 HETHERINGTON Kobe, Norths Devils

4 JOHNSON Jack, Townsville Blackhawks

4 KELLERMEYER Thane, Souths Logan Magpies

4 KING Adam, CQ Capras

4 LEWIS Lachlan, Norths Devils

4 MURPHY Sam, Townsville Blackhawks

4 MURTAGH Luke, Sunshine Coast Falcons

4 PARSLOW Will, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

4 PERRY Lachie, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

4 RICHARDSON Brock, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

4 SEXTON Josh, Tweed Seagulls

4 TEN Cruise, Souths Logan Magpies

4 THOMAS Ben, Tweed Seagulls

4 THOMPSON Sam, Western Mustangs

4 TURNBULL Lochlan, Burleigh Bears

What a weapon!' - Tyson Smoothy

3 ATOI Charlice, CQ Capras

3 BEARD Aidan, Mackay Cutters

3 BELL Michael, Townsville Blackhawks

3 BUTTENSHAW Matthew, Tweed Seagulls

3 COBURN Tyler, Ipswich Jets

3 CONDON Ben, Townsville Blackhawks

3 CONWAY Isaiah, CQ Capras

3 CROCKER Jordan, Western Mustangs

3 CROFT Zachary, Easts Tigers

3 DALTON Sean, Mackay Cutters

3 DWAN Tom, Sunshine Coast Falcons

3 EVERETT Ty, Townsville Blackhawks

3 FARMER Darius, Burleigh Bears

3 GEE Charlie, Tweed Seagulls

3 GRAHAM Harrison, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

3 JARDINE Rowan, Sunshine Coast Falcons

3 LAZARUS Daniel, Northern Pride

3 LINGARD Greg, Souths Logan Magpies

3 MANIHERA-PAUL Trent, Easts Tigers

3 McCARROLL Josh, Ipswich Jets

3 McGRATH Michael, Norths Devils

3 MURRAY Richard, Western Mustangs

3 NELSON Aaron, Sunshine Coast Falcons

3 O'KEEFE Ryan, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

3 PAULO Jaxson, Burleigh Bears

3 POWELL Tristan, Burleigh Bears

3 PRICE Riley, Townsville Blackhawks

3 RIKI Jordan, Norths Devils

3 ROBINSON James, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

3 SEXTON Toby, Tweed Seagulls

3 SKYRING Izaac, Easts Tigers

3 STRASSER Jake, Norths Devils

3 SUTTON Leevai, Souths Logan Magpies

3 TABUAI-FIDOW Hamiso, Townsville Blackhawks

3 TAFILI Malyche, Redcliffe Dolphins

3 TAVITA Dylan, Norths Devils


3 WHITTAKER Braden, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

3 WILDE Regan, Ipswich Jets

What a weapon!' - Braden Whittaker

2 AH-NAU Gerard, Tweed Seagulls

2 ALICK Jacob, Souths Logan Magpies

2 ANDERSON Shaun, Souths Logan Magpies

2 BALE Ben, Easts Tigers

2 BUTLER Reece, Tweed Seagulls

2 COX Logan, Redcliffe Dolphins

2 FINAU Vahai, Souths Logan Magpies

2 FLETCHER Matthew, Norths Devils

2 GIBSON Jeremy, Souths Logan Magpies

2 GREIG Wiremu, Townsville Blackhawks

2 HAMMOND Zaine, CQ Capras

2 LE BLANC Ethan, Norths Devils

2 LEALIIEE Isaiah, Redcliffe Dolphins

2 MACK Clayton, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

2 MALAKI Douglas, Redcliffe Dolphins

2 MLADENOVIC Jackson, Western Mustangs

2 MOORE Oskar , Ipswich Jets

2 PASKINS Blake, Mackay Cutters

2 PATTERSON Lachlan, Redcliffe Dolphins

2 PETERSEN Kyle, Ipswich Jets

2 PONTON-JOHNSON Benjamin,  Ipswich Jets

2 PRATT Dane, Redcliffe Dolphins

2 QUINN Dylan, Norths Devils

2 RANDALL Patrick, Redcliffe Dolphins

2 REYNOLDS Wyatt, Sunshine Coast Falcons

2 RYAN Hayden, Souths Logan Magpies

2 SALMOND Colt, Northern Pride

2 SELF Luke, Easts Tigers

2 SHIBASAKI Enemarki, Townsville Blackhawks

2 SKINNER Harrison, Redcliffe Dolphins

2 SMITH Christian, CQ Capras

2 TAKITAKI Dario, Easts Tigers

2 TREMBATH Jett, Souths Logan Magpies

2 TUAUPIKI Taine, Burleigh Bears

2 ZANCHETTA Jaiden, Sunshine Coast Falcons

What a weapon!' - Reece Hoffman

1 ATKINSON Daniel, Norths Devils

1 BARRETT Brodee, Tweed Seagulls

1 BARTLEY Bailey, Easts Tigers

1 BOOMER Callum, Tweed Seagulls

1 BRIGGS Dylan, Redcliffe Dolphins

1 BROWN Taine, Mackay Cutters

1 BUTLER David, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

1 COOPER Lachlan, Burleigh Bears

1 ELLEMS Nick, Sunshine Coast Falcons

1 FILIPINE Sosefo, Norths Devils

1 FOGARTY Mitch, Townsville Blackhawks

1 GEYER Nash, Tweed Seagulls

1 GREEN Zac, Sunshine Coast Falcons

1 HUNTER Cody, Redcliffe Dolphins

1 LANGBEIN Sam, Ipswich Jets

1 LANSBURY William, Mackay Cutters

1 LEILUA Miller, Norths Devils

1 MARSH Micah, Norths Devils

1 MARTIN Zinzaan, Townsville Blackhawks

1 MOORE Ewan, Northern Pride

1 PATERSON Jack, Norths Devils

1 RAU Allen, Souths Logan Magpies

1 RIO Jaman, Tweed Seagulls

1 SAUEHA Dwight, Redcliffe Dolphins

1 SMALLHORN Hunter, Redcliffe Dolphins

1 SORENSEN-McGEE Dredin, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

1 SZEPANOWSKI Tyler, Burleigh Bears

1 TAOFINUU Josiah, Souths Logan Magpies

1 TAPINE Reece, Burleigh Bears

1 THOMPSON-BARCHARD Jayden, Souths Logan Magpies

1 TICEHURST Lane, Burleigh Bears

1 TOIA Creedence, Souths Logan Magpies

1 VAIKAI Carsil, Tweed Seagulls

1 WHALAN Kobe, Tweed Seagulls