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QRL confirms additional investment to support clubs in 2021

Rugby league clubs will pay lower premiums next year following confirmation today the Queensland Rugby League is making another significant investment to further support their long-term sustainability amid the expected return of all competitions in FY21.

In June this year, the QRL announced it would cover the cost of insurance for all junior community rugby league clubs to help get participants back on the field following the disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not all junior clubs and teams were able to return to the game they love for various reasons, but those that did this year were supported by the initial QRL investment that tallied almost $350,000.

With a further investment approved by the QRL Board today, all community level and Intrust Super Cup clubs will be in a much better position ahead of the 2021 season.

QRL managing director Robert Moore said the overall investment now stood at more than $600,000.

“One barrier that was identified during the consideration of returning to play was the cost of insurance, including the ability to ‘rollover’ a percentage of premiums from 2020 in to 2021,” Moore said.

“This was always going to be a major consideration for most clubs and as such, information was provided to clubs earlier in the year in order for them to make an informed decision.

“At the same time, our priority in 2020 was to ensure that we could return to play safely, while also giving careful consideration to the long-term sustainability of clubs.

“We think we have got that balance right, and we can now look forward to 2021 with renewed optimism.”

The QRL, with the support of partner Gallagher, have negotiated with the insurer on this rollover process which has led to the following outcomes: 

  • All junior clubs will rollover 80% of their 2020 personal accident and injury premium into 2021
  • All senior clubs that did not return to play (including Intrust Super Cup) will similarly rollover 80% of their personal accident and injury premium
  • All senior clubs that did return to play will also be able to rollover 30% of their personal accident and injury premium into 2021

The QRL has also confirmed the rollover is only available to clubs that paid full premiums in 2020 and for the teams they nominated in their respective 2020 competitions.

QRL insurance broker and partner Gallagher will support the process of administration with the personal accident rollover amount credited against 2021 premiums.

FY21 insurance breakdown

Junior clubs

  FY21 premium Rollover relief FY indicative payment
Under 6 $70 $21 $49
Under 7 $100 $21 $79
Under 8 $120 $34 $86
Under 9 $190 $34 $156
Under 10 $220 $67 $153
Under 11 $270 $77 $193
Under 12 $300 $96 $204
Under 13 $480 $173 $307
Under 14 $490 $173 $317
Under 15 $710 $307 $403
Under 16 $830 $336 $494
Under 17 $940 $432 $508
Under 18 $1,280 $671 $609

Senior clubs (no return to play in FY20)

  FY21 premium Rollover relief FY21 indicative payment
Under 19 $2770 $1631 $1139
Under 20 $3550 $2206 $1344
Masters $1395 $869 $526
Seniors $3990 $2494 $1496

Senior clubs (return to play in FY20)

  FY21 premium Rollover relief FY21 indicative payment
Under 19 $2770 $611 $2159
Under 20 $3550 $827 $2723
Masters $1395 $326 $1069
Seniors $3990 $935 $3055