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HIGHFIELDS Eagles played five games from Under 11s to Under 16s. All games below Under 11s were cancelled due to unexpected weather in the Darling Downs over the last week.

Highfields were forced to give up their home game advantage and play at the Oakey ground, which was disappointing news for 2014 Princess Jamie Lee Bishop and her fundraising plans for 2014.

The Darling Downs were affected by extremes of weather from heavy showers all week to 36 degrees weather on Saturday. Because of this heat, all the games played on Saturday were split into quarters for hydration breaks.

Even in this sweltering heat, the Highfields Eagles worked their hearts out experimenting with new plans and tactics practiced in training.  The Under 11s defeated Oakey 52-0; with the boys and girls in the team impressing the spectators.

One on looking parent commented on their performance: “These (boys) were thrown in the deep end this season as this year is their first of serious rules, bigger field and published scores.

“I am so proud of the progress they have made and to come out of their third game of the season with 52-0 is an exceptional result. I believe this season will go extremely positively.”

There was another big win for the Under 12s, who defeated Oakey 42-4.

The Under 13s have been working hard on becoming more of a team rather than separate players and it paid off as they came out with a big win of 30-0. It was the first game of the season that captain Teketel Tyson was able to play and this positively affected the team’s play tremendously.

The referee of the Under 13s game said the Under 13s team shows real sportsmanship on and off the field.

“Not to mention their incredible skills in working together; the coach, Steve Haywood has really turned this team from amateurs to really good little footy players. I always enjoy refereeing this team, always a fast-paced game.”

Morgan Fanning, referee of the Under 14s game, said the humidity was, “like running through soft butter”.

This intense humidity and heat seemed to slow down the boys when the game got closer to halftime and fulltime; however, Highfields pulled through yet again with a win of 22-4.

Under 13/14 Development Cup was won by Oakey 34-14. After a long game, Oakey played to their strengths and came through the Highfields defence; resulting in their first win of the day.

The last game of the day, as heat lowered, Highfields created a wall of offence which held Oakey back from another win, seeing Highfields win 52-9.

Highfields will play Valleys Roosters next Saturday, April 5; and will look to prepare with Tuesday and Thursday training sessions. 

Oakey v Highfields


Highfields (Tries: C. Carmody 2, B. Cesari, B. Haywood, A. Hintz, R. Gill, R. Taylor, R. Fisher, C. Lebsanft; Goals: C. Carmody, B. Cesari, B. Haywood, A. Hintz, G. Voll, R. Taylor, R. Fisher, C. Lebsanft) defeated Oakey 0.


Highfields 42 (Tries: L. Ryan 2, K. Friend, T. Ramsay, D. Carter, T. Voll, J. Hill, E. Norris, L. Thom; Goals: T. Voll, J. Hill, E. Norris) defeated Oakey 4 (Try: K. Bryant).


Highfields 30 (Tries: T. Tyson 2, S. Connor 2, D. Nicholls; Goals: J. Adam 5) defeated Oakey 0.


Highfields 22 (Tries: C. Taylor, Z. Croft, C. Johnstone, K. Betros; Goals: C. Johnstone 3) defeated Oakey 4 (Try: B. Haupt).


Oakey 34 (Tries: R. O'Connell, B. Benson, J. Wikaire, D. Crooks, H. Dowling, B. Schilf, S. Reimers; Goals: B. Benson 2, S. Reimers) defeated Highfields 14 (Tries: S. Frost, A. Kane, T. Chambers; Goal: D. Sheppard).


Highfields (Tries: C. Bowyer 2, L. Clewley 2, J. Leach, J. Murray, B. Morris, N. Thom, J. George, J. Trueman; Goals: B. Morris 3, B. Twidale 3) defeated Oakey 9 (Tries: J. Troutman, J. Goulding; Field Goal: J. Redding).

Pittsworth v Dalby

Under 11:

DALBY 46 (TJamarl Gibbs-Turnbull, Blayden Dodd, Charlie Hiesler, Kevin Sheppard, Sam Morris, Joshua McKernon, Keanu Wright-Dunrobin 2 tries; Blayden Dodd 2, Kevin Sheppard, Dusty Brown, Darby Ryan, Keanu Wright-Dunrobin, Lachlan Bidstrup) d PITTSWORTH 4 (Kaden Knight).

Under 12:

PITTSWORTH 28 (David Woodbridge 3, Stewart Free, Kobi Grimshaw tries; David Woodbridge, Samuel Fraser-Bellette, Rhys Grimmer, Kobi Grimshaw goals) d DALBY 12 (Max Brady, Daelan Rolls, Brayden Tate tries).

Under 11/12 Dev Cup:

DALBY 42 (Kenan Roberts 3, Alex Weier, Mitchell Salter, Jake Phipps, Joshua Ballard 2, Will Fitzsimmons tries; Alex Weier, Joshua Ballard, Beau Wedrat goals) d PITTSWORTH 16 (Lincoln Holmes, Jackson Shields, Mac Mulligan 2 tries).

Under 13:

DALBY 40 (Ryan Cortes 2, Brian Babington, Kuhahyn Dunrobin 2, Jacob Luck, Andrew Smith, Dylan Wedrat tries; Blake Suhr 4 goals) d PITTSWORTH 16 (Jeffrey Roberts, Travis Smith, Clint Berghofer tries; Christopher Woodbridge, Jeffrey Roberts goals).

Under 14:

DALBY (Travis Babbington, Lythanial King-Logia, Lachlan Kelly, Martin Foelz, William Hall, Nicholas Bruce, William Ladd, Tyson Beezley tries; Travis Babbington, Lachlan Kelly, Nicholas Bruce, Tyson Beezley goals) d PITTSWORTH (Michael Wright, Liam Short tries; Mitchell Fowler goals).

Under 13/14 Development Cup:

PITTSWORTH 32 (Will Wilson, Scott Fitzgerald, Nick Holmes 2, Harry Mulligan, Justin Moore tries; Jayden Field, Nick Holmes, Lachie Facer, Troy Kahler goals) d

DALBY 18 (Jamarl Fing, Tresamuel Hooper, Harry Child, David Rango tries; Darryl Duncan goal).

Under 15:

PITTSWORTH 30 (Brodie Grimshaw, Blake Cullen, Cody Evans 4 tries; Laurie Jocumsen, Dominic Salomon 2 goals) d DALBY 22 (Harry Skinner, Wyatt Wrigley, Aaron Bryan, Brodie Browning tries; Harry Skinner, Travis Tate 2 goals).

Under 16:

PITTSWORTH (Nick Sharp, Brady Manktelow, James Quinn, Simon Kahler, Michael Markey, Brodie Grimshaw, Matt Timbs tries; Alex McKenzie, Marcus Fitzgerald goals) d DALBY (Michael Sheehan, Beau Fermor, Harrison Harvey tries; Cody Milne, Beau Fermor goals).

Valleys V Souths 


Souths 18 (Hayden Webcke, Zachary Bauer, Thomas Stocker tries; Dylan Sloane 2, Zachary Bauer, goals) def Valleys 16 (Kyle Hibbins, Dechlan Heilig, Patrick Simmons tries; Lachlan Stagg, Patrick Noble, goals)


Souths 26 (George Ryan 2, Kai Williamson-Duggan, Mitchell Knauth, Brody Murphy tries; Mitchell Knauth, Jesse Campbell, Seth Peters, goals) def Valleys 10 (Khalil Hopkins, Sam Balderson tries; Harry Rubb goal)


Souths 18 (Keegan French, Tyler Geitz, Seth Long, tries; Seth Long 2, Kyle Ford goals) def Valleys 4 (Jack Craig try)


Souths 44 (Brandon Trost 3, Jay Simpkin 2, Nicholas Kuhnemann, Jordan Lipp, Connor Williams, Ryan Gillies, tries; Jordan Lipp 4 goals) def Valleys 6 (Eli Charles-Tanner, try; Jordan Fisher, goal)


Souths 38 (Angus Jakins 2, Luke Maiden 2, Tate McCormick, Angus Hearn, Leslie Hartvigsen, tries; Angus Hearn 5 goals) def Valleys 20 (Coen Hopkins, Drenzell Macam, Zac Miles, Sam Lawry, tries; Drenzell Macam 2 goals)


Valleys 36 (Oliver Combarngo 4, Caleb Brown, Chris Chalmers, Drenzell Macam, tries; Chris Chalmers, Heath Anderson, Tate Costigan, Jordan Fisher, goals) def Souths 16 (Caleb Lehmann 2, Jordan Biggar, tries ; Jordan Crocker, Ben Howard, goals)


Souths 30 (Lukii Finau 2, Lorman Milo, Liam Schreyer, Nicholas Isaacs, Matthew Arndt, tries; Matthew Arndt 3 goals) def Valleys 4 (Ryan Corcoran, try)


Valleys 38 (Bryce Whale 2, Michael Isaacs, Antoine Roma, Nathaniel Jones, Jaylen Heironymus, Miles Menhinnitt, tries; Wally Pegler 4, Jacob Moroney, goals) def Souths 16 (Teuita Crocker, Junior Chong Née, Beau Swan, tries; Jordyn Kuhn 2 goals)