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The In Safe Hands Cup will kick off for Round 2 with the Valleys Diehards hosting the Wynnum Manly Seagulls on Saturday at 3pm at Emerson Park.

Both the Diehards and the Seagulls have had a great start to the season and will go into this weekend’s match having won their last outing and they will also be hoping to continue their winning momentum. 

The Seagulls hosted the Logan Brothers in their season opener. It was a great defensive effort from the team with the visitors only scoring once in the second half.

Elsewhere, the Easts Tigers will take on the Redcliffe Dolphins at 4pm at Suzuki Stadium.

The traditional Brisbane rivals are both coming into this game off tough losses and will be hungry for their first win of the 2017 season. 

Closing Round 2 will be the West Brisbane Panthers who will host last year’s grand final runners up the Ipswich Jets on Sunday at 1pm Bishop Park.

The Panthers had a great win over the Tigers last weekend in a very close competitive game.

The line defence from both sides last week was great, but it was the Panthers who in the end were able to run to victory.

The Jets, who are coming off a bye, will be looking to claim their first victory of the season.

The Logan Brothers will have the bye this weekend and will aim to back strong for Round 3 when they travel to Ipswich.

IN SAFE HANDS CUP - ROUND 2 teams                  

Valleys Diehards v Wynnum Manly Seagulls at Emerson Park, Saturday, March 18 – 3pm

Valleys Diehards

1.Trae Clark 2. Tom Collins 3. Rowan Klein 4. Tristan Lumley 5. Andrew Lancaster 6. Jamie Casey 7. Joe Bond 8. Dylan Smith 9. Aaron Clode 10. Tamu Koopu 11. Liam Herrington 12. Paul Ivan 13. Jayden Rosberg 14. Ryley Kajewski 15. Rajan Opetia-Halls 16. Tui Oloapu 17. Travis Peters

Coach: Don Gailer

Wynnum Manly Seagulls

1. Benaiah Bowie 2. Hayden Crowley 3. Mitchell McMillan 4. Jake Hargraves 5. Paora Kemp 6. Ben Cronin 7. Matt Seamark 8. Josh Hoffman 9. Mitchell Moore 10. Billy Solah 11. Brad Mana 12. Brendon McBryde 13. Max Elliott 14. Kelly Tate 15. Andrew Clayton 16. Corey Davis 17. Jacob Paulo

Coach: Ron Troutman

Easts Tigers v Redcliffe Dolphins at Suzuki Stadium, Saturday, March 18 – 4pm

Easts Tigers

1. Maeli Seve 2. Michael Pouhila 3. Michael Koko 4. Leon Ellia-Niukore 5. Brendon Downey 6. Brayden Torpy 7. Matt Richards 8. Gene Ropoama 9. Chris Ostwald 10. Liufau Hala 11. Kevin Bell 12. Michael Egan 13. Anton Iaria 14. Timothy Lomai 15. Andrew Thompson 16. Josh Everett 17. James Salter

Coach: David Krause

Redcliffe Dolphins

1. Kyle Van Klaveren 2. Shaun Rees 3. Sonny Munroe 4. Josh Rudolph 5. Curtis Johnson 6. Rinsma Saueha 7. Tyson Gamble 8.TBA 9. Hayden Hansen 18. Taylor Brown 11. Johnnie Fox 12. Nick Ritter 13. Myles Tauelli 14. Tyrone Hussey 15. Kahi Harawira 16. Jayden Best 17. Harley Aiono

Coach: Daniel Green

West Brisbane Panthers vs Ipswich at Bishop Park, Sunday, March 19 – 1pm

West Brisbane Panthers

1. Dallas Wells 2. Jack Makin 3. Michael Pearsall 4. Kennedy Pettyborne 5. Paul Uhlburg 6. Kane Zalewski 7. Ollie Olds 8. Josh Afoa 9. Aaron Watson 10. Jarrod Blanke 11. Jake Kelly 12. James Sharkie 13. Ryan Dornan 14. Troy Swift 15. Erik Koelbel 16. Memuny Murgha 17. Aiden Tua

Coach: Wayne Weekes

Ipswich Jets

1. Ono So’Oialo 2. Bernard Mosby 3. Sig Manu Wigness 4. Finecallum Faingaa 5. Brendon Marshall 6. Chastyn Bowen 7. Jayden Connors   8. Tu’u Maori   9. Peter Whittaker 10. Isaac Chrichton 11. Denzel King 12. Lachlan Roe 13. Max Fesolia 14. David Tahavalu 15. Jake Ryles 16. Francis Leger 17. Wayd Nibbs

Coach: Mark Bishop

Logan Brothers -  bye