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Capras select CQ junior representatives

The CQ Capras junior teams for the upcoming Central Junior Carnival have been announced following a successful weekend of trials in Blackwater.

Hosted by the Central Highlands Junior Rugby League, the trials saw representative teams from the Central West, Gladstone and Rockhampton join the host region for a fun weekend of rugby league to select the CQ junior sides to compete at the upcoming Central Region (Division) Junior Carnival in Chinchilla.

Players from across the regions had one goal in mind – to impress the selectors and they certainly knew how to do that with some skilful rugby league on display – making the job hard for the Capras coaching staff.

New carnival rules were introduced this year following the Capras' Intrust Super Cup club amalgamation with the Junior Capras' Division-based program.

This included not playing for points, allowing for teams and selectors to forget about the scoreboard and just concentrate on impressing the selectors with high quality rugby league.

Rockhampton score a try against the Central West Under 16s. PHOTO: Cameron Stallard
Rockhampton score a try against the Central West Under 16s. PHOTO: Cameron Stallard

Thanks to sponsors the LCR Group, YanCoal and Nu-Tank for their support of the carnival – without their generosity, events like this one simply can't go ahead.

A massive thanks must go to all the volunteers who assisted with the weekend to ensure the trials went ahead without a hitch, particularly the Blackwater Crushers Junior and Senior clubs.

A special thanks must go to the CHJRL committee, QRL, NRL and Capras staff, the Capras coaching staff and selectors and all the match officials for the hard work put into the weekend.

The Central Highlands Junior Rugby League should be congratulated on the success of this year's trials and the Capras look forward to next year's trials set to be held in Gladstone.



1. Liam Barnes (Rockhampton)
2. Iziah Broome (Central West)
3. Jaidyn Cody (Central Highlands)
4. Tye Comiskey (Rockhampton)
5. Taj Fleming (Gladstone)
6. Tommy Green (Central Highlands)
7. Hoani Harris (Gladstone)
8. Salor Heke (Rockhampton)
9. Tama Hodgson (Gladstone)
10. Trevor King (Gladstone)
11. Sam Karanicolos (Central Highlands)
12. Jett Manion (Rockhampton)
13. Ryan Martin (Rckhampton)
14. Tyler Peckham-Harris (Gladstone)
15. Kyle O'Dwyer (Gladstone)
16. Ryley Powell (Gladstone)
17. Noah Rauluni (Rockhampton)
18. Kylan Tranberg (Central Highlands)
19. Tariq Tanner (Rockhampton)
20. Trevor King (Gladstone)

Coach: Darrin Shadlow (Rockhampton)
Assistant Coach: RJ Stewart (Central Highlands)
FAO: Matt Barclay (Rockhampton)
Manager: Michael Fletcher (Rockhampton)


1. Luke Callanan (Rockhampton)
2. Liam Nebauer (Central Highlands)
3. Carter Wight (Rockhampton)
4. Ethan Boswood (Rockhampton)
5. Riley Bobart (Gladstone)
6. Bailey Smith (Gladstone)
7. Ryan Welsh (Rockhampton)
8. Clayton Armstrong (Rockhampton)
9. Owen Pattie (Rockhampton)
10. Kelly Shadlow (Rockhampton)
11. Connor Webber (Central West)
12. Tynan Donovan (Rockhampton)
13. Jaiden Green (Rockhampton)
14. Angus Gabriel (Rockhampton)
15. Jesuah Wini (Rockhampton)
16. Spencer Smallacombe (Central Highlands)
17. Angus Stewart (Central West)
18. Tom Powell (Rockhampton)
19. Matthew Hill (Rockhampton)

Coach: Todd Hansen (Gladstone)
Assistant Coach: Phil Mitchell (Central West)
FAO: Simon Barclay (Rockhampton)
Manager: Damian Bohan (Rockhampton)


1. Dominic Dorante (Central Highlands)
2. Tyreik Saltner-Garrett (Rockhampton)
3. Coby Williamson (Central Highlands)
4. Seth Backo (Rockhampton)
5. Travis Wright (Gladstone)
6. Tristan Butcher (Rockhampton)
7. Jack Gehrmann (Gladstone)
8. Jake Bagrie (Rockhampton)
9. Kolby Green (Rockhampton)
10. Jack Mayes (Rockhampton)
11. Jack Grant (Rockhampton)
12. Ilami Buli (Central Highlands)
13. Adam Twaddle (Central Highlands)
14. Dalton Loran (Rockhampton)
15. Tyler Keogh-Paladin (Gladstone)
16. Jackson Taylor (Central West)
17. Tristan Barron (Central West)
18. Bailey Sims (Rockhampton)
19. Jye Marriott (Rockhampton)

Coach: Brad Richardson (Gladstone)
Assistant Coach: Craig Karakyriacos (Gladstone)
Sports Trainer: Dwayne Kangan (Central West)
Manager: Grant Wooler (Rockhampton)


Shauna Bailey (Rockhampton)
Delaney Claridge (Gladstone)
Sophie Davison (Gladstone)
Dakota Demaine-Beale (Rockhampton)
Luca Howarth (Rockhampton)
Jordan Jackson (Central Highlands)
Chloe Jarrett-Lawton (Rockhampton)
Taleigha Leefe (Rockhampton)
Savannah McCann (Gladstone)
Prue Peters (Rockhampton)
Miah Powell (Gladstone)
Savannah Power (Gladstone)
Anazarrah Ross-Kelly (Central Highlands)
Britney Rothery (Central Highlands)
Meg Skuthorpe (Rockhampton)
Piper Smith (Central Highlands)
Chloe Tipman (Central Highlands)
Alenna Whipp (Central Highlands)
Lillian Yarrow (Rockhampton)

Coach: Scott Lonergan (Central Highlands)
Assistant Coach: KP Pacey (Rockhampton)
FAO: Leisa Dowling (Gladstone)
Manager: Luke O'Donnell (Rockhampton)


1. Caliah Saltner (Rockhampton)
2. Monica Parsons (Central Highlands)
3. Taiah Ardley (Rockhampton)
4. Delaney Window (Central Highlands)
5. Aaliyah Morseu-Stagg (Rockhampton)
6. Lashaun Miller (Gladstone)
7. Olivia Cave (Central Highlands)
8. Chloe Buttigieg (Rockhampton)
9. Sophie Wright (Gladstone)
10. Jade Ramsay (Rockhampton)
11. Sheridan Clifford (Central Highlands)
12. Adrianna Clifford (Central Highlands)
13. Haylea Lonergan (Central Highlands)
14. Chelsea Rolfe (Central Highlands)
15. Montanna Whipp (Central Highlands)
16. Cass Marks (Central Highlands)
17. Lara Demaine-Beale (Rockhampton)
18. Shayvon Saunders (Central Highlands)
19. Yasmin Andrews (Gladstone)

Coach: Greg Coase (Central Highlands)
Assistant Coach: Cedric Auda (Rockhampton)
FAO: Nicole Verzeletti (Central Highlands)
Manager: Lyle Bridgeman (Central Highlands)