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Petero Civoniceva Medal: full points tally

Jamal Fogarty stormed home in the final 10 rounds of the Intrust Super Cup to claim the Petero Civoniceva Medal for the 2019 season.

He overcame some stiff opposition to poll 17 points in those key rounds to finish the season with a tally of 28, pipping classy Sunshine Coast halfback Todd Murphy by two points and with fellow Falcon, hooker Harry Grant, a further point behind.

Petero Civoniceva Medallist: Jamal Fogarty

The full total points, the player name and their team are listed below:

28 FOGARTY Jamal, Burleigh Bears

26 MURPHY Todd, Sunshine Coast Falcons

25 GRANT Harry, Sunshine Coast Falcons

21 CRONIN Mitch, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

20 POWER Temone, Townsville Blackhawks

18 NEALE Nat, Ipswich Jets

18 SCARLETT Sam, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

Wynnum Manly Seagulls halfback Sam Scarlett.
Wynnum Manly Seagulls halfback Sam Scarlett.

17 AHEARN Jack, Norths Devils

17 GEBBIE Edene, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

15 ROWE Kurtis, Burleigh Bears

14 FARNWORTH Herbie, Norths Devils

13 FREEMAN Krys, Townsville Blackhawks

13 LEWIS Chris, Sunshine Coast Falcons

13 McGRADY Lindon, Tweed Seagulls

12 HYNES Nicho , Sunshine Coast Falcons

12 TEMPLEMAN Pat, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

Sunshine Coast Falcons star Nicho Hynes.
Sunshine Coast Falcons star Nicho Hynes.

11 CHUDLEIGH Josh, Townsville Blackhawks

11 O'SULLIVAN Sean, Norths Devils

11 PERESE Izaia, Redcliffe Dolphins

10 CHERRINGTON Manaia, Souths Logan Magpies

10 COTTER Reuben, Mackay Cutters

10 FOSTER, Jake Easts Tigers

10 GRANT Jordan, Redcliffe Dolphins

10 POLITONI Pat, Burleigh Bears

9 HAZARD Christian, Tweed Seagulls

9 PAIX Cory, Redcliffe Dolphins

9 PALAVI John, Tweed Seagulls

9 SIO Michael, Norths Devils

8 ARTHARS Jesse, Burleigh Bears

8  FREI Brendan, Norths Devils

8 HANCOCK Tom, Northern Pride

8 JURD Luke, Tweed Seagulls

8 MENINGA Moses, PNG Hunters

8 PAGE Luke, Burleigh Bears

8 PURCELL Michael, Ipswich Jets

8 RALPH Josh, Easts Tigers

8 SAITAUA Kalolo, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

8 SANTO Zac, Townsville Blackhawks

8 SCHONIG Darryn, Sunshine Coast Falcons

8 WRIGHT Shane, Mackay Cutters

Michael Sio from the Norths Devils.
Michael Sio from the Norths Devils.

7 CLEELAND Josh, Ipswich Jets

7 GAHAN Calum, Norths Devils

7 HIND  Jacob, Burleigh Bears

7 HOLA Peter, Northern Pride

7 HOPOATE Jamil, Redcliffe Dolphins

7 WATTS Nathan, Redcliffe Dolphins

6 BELLA Ross, Mackay Cutters

6 BLAIR Maurice, Northern Pride

6 BOAS Ase, PNG Hunters

6 BOOTH Aaron, Easts Tigers

6 DONOVAN Bryce, Redcliffe Dolphins

6 FAI George, Souths Logan Magpies

6 GILBERT Tom, Townsville Blackhawks

6 HAMILTON Guy, Souths Logan Magpies

6 JACKS Ryley, Tweed Seagulls

6 LAYBUTT Kyle, Townsville Blackhawks

6 MADDEN Jack, CQ Capras

6 WALTERS Talor, Tweed Seagulls

Aaron Booth from the Easts Tigers.
Aaron Booth from the Easts Tigers.

5 CHRISTIAN Julian, Ipswich Jets

5 COSTER Sam, Burleigh Bears

5 FA'ASUAMALEAUI Tino, Sunshine Coast Falcons

5 FULLER Trai, Redcliffe Dolphins

5 GAMBLE Tyson, Redcliffe Dolphins

5 JENSEN Marcus, Mackay Cutters

5 MOSELEY Kierran, Ipswich Jets

5 PENE  Aaron, CQ Capras

5 PERE Emry, Mackay Cutters

5 PRATT Hugh, Redcliffe Dolphins

5 SMITH Harrison, Redcliffe Dolphins

5 TAGATAESE Sam, Souths Logan Magpies

5 TORPY Brayden, Northern Pride

5 TUILAGI Kelma, Easts Tigers

5 WAPI Terry, PNG Hunters


4 BERRELL Jayden, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

4 BOYD Tanah, Souths Logan Magpies and Burleigh Bears

4 BURNS Sam, Sunshine Coast Falcons

4 CARRIGAN Patrick, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

4 CONNORS Jayden, Ipswich Jets

4 COOPER Matt, Easts Tigers

4 DARGAN Troy, Norths Devils

4 EISENHUTH Thomas, Easts Tigers

4 FREI Mitch, Souths Logan Magpies

4 GERRARD Alex, Mackay Cutters

4 HILL Jamie, CQ Capras

4 HOARE Sam, Townsville Blackhawks

4 KENWORTHY  Jordan, Mackay Cutters

4 KING Max, Easts Tigers and Tweed Seagulls 

4 LEO Troy, Burleigh Bears

4 LOFIPO Tyson, Ipswich Jets

4 MAKI Enock, PNG Hunters

4 MOCEIDREKE Siti, Sunshine Coast Falcons

4 NIU Tesi, Souths Logan Magpies

4 OLAM Justin, Sunshine Coast Falcons

4 PALASIA Keenan, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

4 SCHWASS Hayden, Burleigh Bears

4 TAUNOA-BROWN Jamayne, Norths Devils

Brayden Torpy in action for Northern Pride.
Brayden Torpy in action for Northern Pride.

3 BARBA Marmin, Ipswich Jets

3 BATCHELOR Jayden, Mackay Cutters

3 BUGDEN William, Northern Pride

3 CLIFFORD Jake, Northern Pride

3 COOK Jack, Tweed Seagulls

3 FAIFAI-LOA Kalifa, Townsville Blackhawks

3 FOSTER Sam, Easts Tigers

3 GAHUNA Silas, PNG Hunters

3 GOING Kalani, Tweed Seagulls

3 GUDGEON Kainoa, CQ Capras

3 HAWKINS Jeremy, Redcliffe Dolphins

3 HODGES Jayden, Mackay Cutters

3 HUDSON Shaun, Townsville Blackhawks

3 JENSEN Corey, Townsville Blackhawks

3 JONES Connor , Northern Pride

3 KAUFUSI Patrick, Easts Tigers

3 LEE Brandon, Norths Devils

3 LOVE-HENRY Matiu, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

3 NONA Shaun, Townsville Blackhawks

3 REIN Mitch, Tweed Seagulls

3 ROE Lachlan, Sunshine Coast Falcons

3 SALAM Bacho, Townsville Blackhawks

3 SEIULI Ioane, Tweed Seagulls

3 SHEA  Ben, Ipswich Jets

3 STIMSON Joe, Sunshine Coast Falcons

3 TAYLOR Ashley, Tweed Seagulls

3 TURPIN Jake, Redcliffe Dolphins

3 ULBERG Paul, Norths Devils

3 VETE Albert, Easts Tigers

3 VUDOGO Ilikena, Souths Logan Magpies

3 WHITCHURCH Aaron, Redcliffe Dolphins

3 WHITELAW Cheyne, Tweed Seagulls

2 AILAOMAI Josh, Burleigh Bears

2 BARR Alex, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

2 BOBBERT Sheldon, Mackay Cutters

2 BOWEN Javid, Northern Pride

2 BUCHANAN Jack, Burleigh Bears

2 BULLEMOR Ethan, Norths Devils

2 BURNS Edward, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

2 BURNS Gerome, Souths Logan Magpies

2 BYRNES Paul, Mackay Cutters

2 CAMPAGNOLO Jack, Northern Pride

2 CULLEN Bill, Easts Tigers

2 DEARDEN Tom, Wynnum Manly Seagulls

2 DRINKWATER Scott, Easts Tigers

2 GIBB Brendon , Souths Logan Magpies

2 JACKS Rhys, Easts Tigers

2 JOHNS Cooper, Sunshine Coast Falcons

2 JOSHUA Joe, PNG Hunters

2 MAGO Patrick, Souths Logan Magpies

2 McGAVIN Nathanael, Sunshine Coast Falcons

2 MOLO Michael, Norths Devils

2 MORSEAU Maipele, CQ Capras

2 MURPHY Jack, Northern Pride

2 NEUMANN Shane, Easts Tigers

2 PEOPLES Jack, Easts Tigers

2 PITAMA Sheldon, Redcliffe Dolphins

2 PORT Linc, Souths Logan Magpies

2 REUBEN Jon, Sunshine Coast Falcons

2 ROBERTS-DAVIS Tyronne, Burleigh Bears

2 ROP Junior, PNG Hunters

2 SOPER-LAWLER Matt, Souths Logan Magpies

2 TUITE Jarred, Easts Tigers

2 WERA Adex, PNG Hunters

2 YEI McKenzie, PNG Hunters

2 YOKA Justin, PNG Hunters

Ipswich Jets speedster Marmin Barba.
Ipswich Jets speedster Marmin Barba.

1 CHINFAT Cephas, Northern Pride

1 DODD Levi, Townsville Blackhawks

1 EARL Sandor, Sunshine Coast Falcons

1 FEENEY Jaelen, Townsville Blackhawks

1 HASU Nick, PNG Hunters

1 HIPGRAVE Keegan, Tweed Seagulls

1 JOASS Jack, Souths Logan Magpies

1 LATU Leilani, Tweed Seagulls

1 LAVEA Sam, Easts Tigers

1 MARKETO Jake, Townsville Blackhawks

1 MATTHEWS Will, Tweed Seagulls

1 McCONNACHIE Billy, Ipswich Jets

1 NIMA Brandon, PNG Hunters

1 PARSONS Kody, Tweed Seagulls


1 ROGERS Josh, Burleigh Bears

1 SAUILUMA Sami, Burleigh Bears

1 SCHAUMKEL Trent, Sunshine Coast Falcons

1 SCOTT Blake, Souths Logan Magpies

1 WHITE Ben, Ipswich Jets