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The secret behind Brighton's amazing streak

They hold an incredible winning streak, but the key to Brighton's Under 14 success isn't a win at all costs viewpoint... in fact, it's far from it.

Their secret to chalking up a whopping 35 consecutive victories? Working hard, playing for each other and most importantly having fun. 

After having a tough season in 2017, a change of attitude and focus has proved successful for the group of rugby league-loving juniors, remaining undefeated and winning both the under 12 and 13 premierships in consecutive years.

"We were getting flogged [in under 11s] but in the last two games we were able to get a win and it was like the greatest moment ever and we were so proud," said co-captain Riley Horn, who began his Roosters journey as an under 6 in 2012. 

"It could've been a struggle, but we all stuck together and most importantly, enjoyed it.

"It was all just a bit of individual brilliance from everyone back then and we didn't really play together.

"So when we went from under 11s to under 12s, we showed a bit of maturity and learnt that we needed to work hard and play as a team."

Horn's right-hand man, Cooper Sutherland, who also skippers the team after joining the club from a young age, said it was effort and enjoyment that brought the wins.

"In under 12s, we really just came together to support each other and showed more effort as a team," Sutherland said.

"Once we focused on enjoying it first, the wins came after that."

Even in the midst of such an epic run, the Roosters' focus has still been about having fun.

"It's not really about who wins, it's more about improving your game and having fun," Horn said. "At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you're last or first, as long as you're having fun and improving every week that's the main thing."

"I just love being with the boys and hanging out, and even after games, sitting and watching and having fun," Sutherland said.

"No one has wanted to let anyone down, we've just wanted to work together, support each other and be a team playing for Brighton."

Much like when sharing the story of good samaritan Betty Knight, the club's community spirit is the reason the under 14s team love to pull on the Brighton jersey.

"My favourite part about playing at Brighton is the community and being together," Horn said.

"Everyone enjoys each others company and it's just a great place and everyone who comes here says its a great place to play.

"We want to show effort and heart every time we have the Brighton jersey on."

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